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The Cathedral boasts several magnificent facilities that are available to rent.

The Auditorium Ball Room The Lobby The Porch
Main Dining Room East & West Dining The Mezzanine East Lodge Room

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Medure's Catering is the exclusive caterer for the Scottish Rite Cathedral.

The "Acoustically Perfect" Auditorium

Once the largest and most magnificent between New York and Chicago, this 2,800 seat auditorium has had a wide variety of entertainers grace its stage. From national stars like Jerry Seinfield to local treasures like the Pittsburgh Symphony, the New Castle Consistory Men's Choir, and the New Castle Regional Ballet, the Scottish Rite Cathedral has something to offer everyone. The auditorium also boasts a Mueller 4-Console Organ, which has over 5,000 pipes to create its wonderful sounds. It is connected to a player piano, which is played from the organ keyboard. There are only two of these in existence.

Auditorium Seating Chart

Main Dining Room

The Main Dining Room is 58 feet by 147 feet and can seat up to 600 people at long banquet tables and 425 people at round tables. This room is equipped with a stage, a baby-grand piano, and two food serving stations. Burgundy and gold trim accent the white walls. While being well-adapted for large banquets, it is also used for many other purposes, such as sports shows, automobile shows, bridal shows, and various other public gatherings.

Ball Room

Ballroom waiting for dancers to arrive.

Ballroom setup for a banquet.

East & West Dining Rooms

The East and West Dining Rooms are each 45 feet by 78 feet. Appropriately decorated and furnished, these rooms are ideal for anniversary parties, bridal showers, communion parties and banquets. Each room will accommodate up to 200 people at long tables or 130 at round tables.

The Lobby

The lobby is a true work of beauty; it is 70 feet long, and 40 feet deep. Suspended from the ceiling, 45 feet above, are three stained-glass chandeliers. Eighteen massive pillars flank the chandeliers. The lobby can accommodate up to 160 people at round tables only.

Lobby setup for a wedding ceremony.

Lobby setup for reception.


The Mezzanine

The Mezzanine, which overlooks the lobby, can be rented for additional seating for the lobby. Up to 160 guests can be seated at long tables in the mezzanine.

The Porch

The Cathedral’s gracious porch can also be utilized for additional seating for the lobby. Up to 24 guests can sit beneath the Cathedral’s six umbrella tables, or 64 guest can sit at round tables under a tent (rented by client).

East Lodge Room

Wedding ceremony site.


Benefit Bingo - New Castle Cancer Support Group

Doors open at noon, Bingo starts at 1 PM. Bingo features a Chinese auction, 50/50 raffle, Early Birds, Pig Number, concession stand and baked goods. $10 donation. Tickets available at the door or from a member in advance. All proceeds benefit local cancer patients. For further information, call Julie at (724) 730-4075.

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