Rental Policies

Security Deposit

*All contracts require a security deposit. This amount is separate from the deposit submitted at the signing of the contract that serves to reserve the room and is applied to the total balance due. The security deposit rates are as follows: Auditorium $2,000; Main Dining Room $500; Ballroom, Lobby, or East Lodge Room $300; East Dining Room, West Dining Room, Mezzanine, or Porch $100. The amount is due one week prior to the event. If additional charges are incurred at the time of the event (ex: damage or overtime fees), the security deposit will be deposited, additional fees will be deducted, and a check for the balance will be issued to the lessee. If there are no additional charges, lessee’s check will be returned to them after the event.

*If lessee rents the Lobby and also wants to set up items on the Porch, they must also rent the Porch. If lessee rents the Lobby and wants their guests to be able to walk out onto the porch, that will be permitted at no charge. However, if the lessee chooses the option to allow their guests out onto the porch and excessive clean-up is required on the porch and/or in the front yard, a $60 clean-up fee will be deducted from the lessee’s security deposit.


*All lessees are required to carry special event insurance for their event. The Cathedral is able to offer a competitively-priced liability policy at a cost of $100. However, lessee is permitted to purchase event insurance through the vendor of their choice with prior approval by the Cathedral of the insurance certificate.

Room Set-Up, Decorations & Event Time

*Lessee has been provided with a list of caterers approved at the Cathedral.  The chosen caterer must be contacted four days (96 hours) prior to the event with final guest count and room set-up. At this time, the lessee will have the opportunity to sign off on the final set-up diagram. If the room is set up according to the signed diagram and then changes are requested after the set-up diagram has been approved, the lessee will be charged $50 per change.

*Decorators must provide the Cathedral with proof of liability insurance coverage with minimum limits of $1,000,000, and $2,000,000 aggregate for liability including products. Cathedral must be named as an additional insured on the decorator’s liability policy. Decorators must provide their own equipment, such as ladders and scaffolding if needed.  A professional decorator must be hired to put up a lighted ceiling in the Main Dining Room.  Nothing may be attached to any of the light fixtures in the other banquet rooms.

*Only free-standing decorations may be used. Nothing may be attached to the walls with scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape, thumbtacks, staples, or nails. No confetti. Nothing can be pinned to drapes.

*Candles are permitted, but no open flame such as tapers. Candles must be placed in a glass votive cup or hurricane glass.

*The Cathedral is NOT responsible for items left in the facility following the event.

*Events held at the Cathedral are limited to five hours, at which time the deejay or band stops playing, bar is closed. If the event extends beyond that time, a $100 overtime fee per hour will be deducted from lessee’s security deposit.

Alcohol & Soda Beverages

*Alcohol is permitted. Soda beverages and bartenders will be provided by one of the approved Cathedral caterers. Lessee may purchase and bring in their own alcohol. Another option is that liquor may be sold directly to the client by an approved Cathedral caterer possessing a valid off-premise liquor license, with the caterer bringing the liquor into the Cathedral.  Alcohol may be brought in after 7:30 AM the day of the event. No alcohol is permitted to be stored at the Cathedral overnight prior to the event.  The Cathedral is not responsible for alcohol left in the facility after an event.

*The Cathedral will provide each party with one free beermeister if they are using pop services through one of the approved Cathedral caterers. If a second beermeister is needed, it will be provided free of charge only if another beermeister is available. Lessee will need to rent second beermeister from a rental company if the Cathedral’s other beermeister is in use. If a beermeister is required but pop services are not being provided by the approved caterer, lessee will be charged $25 for the beermeister. Bottled beer is permitted, but must be poured into cups by the bartender.

* If pop services are provided by an approved Cathedral caterer, a portable bar will be provided to the lessee free of charge, one bar per lessee. If a second bar is needed, it will be provided free of charge only if the other bar is available.

*Ice will be provided as part of the rental for use in the lessee’s drinks. Lessee must bring in their own ice to ice down bottled or canned beer brought in by the lessee (i.e., lessee must provide their own ice to be used in coolers or in tubs for kegs.)

*The approved Cathedral caterer will provide cups, napkins, and stir sticks for beverages.

*Security services are required, and will be provided at $29 per officer per hour, four-hour minimum.  The Cathedral will make the arrangements for the security, and the lessee is responsible for the fee for the service.

Lighted Pillars & Coat Check

*A total of six lighted pillars are available, $50 per pillar. Checks are payable to the Cathedral Foundation. Lessee must provide own extension cords for lighted pillars.

*Coat check services are available on a seasonal basis. The fee of $25 opens the coat check on the Lobby level and provides the lessee with one attendant for the event. Checks are payable to the Order of Rainbows for Girls Assembly #1. If coat check services are needed, the Cathedral Coordinator must be advised at least one month prior to the event.